Within the Cage

entering the fog and beating up a random cart person

and skinning an alleged Hydra

Ah, grog is great, I like the pretty lady in the party, she keeps buying me grog, and dad said I wasn't to buy alcohol until I turn 21 so its really great that she's buying it for me.  In any case, we went ……. what direction was it again?  east?  yeah that sound right, wait which way is east again?  well in any case, went the way the pretty lady said and we eventually found this weird fog.  We started walking through the fog, but it was weird cause it made us glow.  we eventually ran into this big lizard thing with a bunch of heads, this is awesome, I want to taxidermy it, oh wow, it looks like it wants to attack us so I'll strike first pew pew pew pew.  you know, weirdly, for some reason, I feel like this creature might worship demons, not sure why, just sort of seems like it does. 

In any case, ouch, I was able to beat it, I must have gotten ahead of my allies without noticing because they didn't start showing up until just after it was defeated and I had started skinning it, luckily I had the weird slow healing wand to help recover my injuries.

eventually we made it the rest of the way through the fog, and were met by a strange old man, who directed us to a town, the pretty lady kept singing about someone killing a hydra, I wonder what that is, oh, apparently its that thing I killed and she is singing about me, that is nice. 

We got to town and some guy was burning his shop down, what a weirdo.  anyway we slept for a night in town and then took a job to bring wood to the town, but while we were going to the place that should have trees, we were attacked by that nut who burned his shop down. 


Kryptic mathew_prentki

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